Blade and Soul

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆☆ | Region Lock: NA-EU(limited), KOR(locked), JP(locked) | PVP: Yes-Server/Arena | Controls: WASD or Point and Click

TERA Online

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆☆☆ | Region Lock: US(limited), EU(limited), KOR(locked), JP(locked) | PVP: Yes-Server/Arena | Controls: WASD

Dragon Nest

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆☆ | Region Lock: US(limited), CHN(limited), TW(limited), SEA(limited), KOR(locked), JP(locked) | PVP: Yes-Arena | Controls: WASD

Granado Espada

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆ | Region Lock: EU(none), NA(none), JP(locked), KOR(locked) | PVP: Yes-Server/Arena/Field | Controls: Point and Click

Continent of the 9th Seal

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆ | Region Lock: GLOBAL(US, EU, SEA), KOR(locked), JP(locked) | PVP: Yes-Arena | Controls: WASD + Strategic Combat

Dragon Age : Inquisition

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆☆☆ | PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360-One | Offline + Multiplayer | Real time + Tactical combat mode

Persona 5

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆☆☆ | PS3, PS4 | Role-playing, Social Simulation, Turn-based Combat

Dragon Nest 2 Legend

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆ | Android, iOS | Role-playing, Action-Dungeon Raid | PVP: Arena | Controls: Virtual Pad + Auto Battle

Dragon Nest 2 Legend: Geraint Route Chapter 1 Tear of the Moon

Here's the playthroughs of Chronicle Chapter 1 : Tear of the Moon (Geraint Route) NORMAL and ABYSS modes.

Update! QHP video section!

We have added a new video section!!

Dragon Nest: Temporary Server Closure and Transfer to Eyedentity Games!

Dragon Nest will be undergoing a temporary service closure following the end of their 6 year publishing contract with Eyedentity Games. The server closure will facilitate in the technical transfer of Cherry Credits Dragon Nest Sea accounts to Eyedentity Games.

Dragon Nest 2 Legend: English Version now live!

The prequel to the mmorpg Dragon Nest Online (pc version).

This is the official English release for android and iOS by NEXON and EYEDENTITY Games.

Features Geraint as playable character with unique back story. Together with new characters Marion the wizard, Gavel the warrior, and Argenta the silver dragon.

Tera Online: Happy 5th Birthday TERA!!! Game Code & More!!

TERA's 5thBDay
Celebration time again!! Let's come celebrate TERA's 5th Bithday with events, freebies and GAME CODE!!

Update! New look - Island of Dawn + Lyn!

The new MMORPGQ background is the Island of Dawn before the fall ;A;*cries*

Tera Online: Flying Mount Quest!

Ever dreamt of flying across the skies of Arborea?

Tera Online: Miniscule Wing Fragment Event!

Tera Online mounts have discovered the magic of flight!!

Tera Online: Free Character Slot and Majestic Snowdrift!

Preparations are on the way for the Ninja update on Tuesday, 24th May 2016!

So Tera Online's giving away Free Character slots for everyone to create their own Ninja!!

Blade & Soul: Golden Vipercap Event!

Blade and Soul has a new event!!