Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆☆ | Region Lock: EU, NA(locked), KOR, JP | Controls: action WASD

Blade and Soul

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆☆ | Region Lock: NA-EU(limited), KOR(locked), JP(locked) | PVP: Server/Arena | Controls: action WASD or Point and Click

TERA Online

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆☆☆ | Region Lock: US(limited), EU(limited), KOR(locked), JP(locked) | PVP: Server/Arena | Controls: action WASD

Dragon Nest

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆☆ | Region Lock: US(limited), CHN(limited), TW(limited), SEA(limited), KOR(locked), JP(locked) | PVP: Arena | Controls: action WASD

Granado Espada

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆ | Region Lock: EU(none), NA(none), JP(locked), KOR(locked) | PVP: Yes-Server/Arena/Field | Controls: Point and Click

Continent of the 9th Seal

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆ | Region Lock: GLOBAL(US, EU, SEA), KOR(locked), JP(locked) | PVP: Yes-Arena | Controls: Strategic Combat WASD

Dragon Age : Inquisition

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆☆☆ | PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360-One | Offline + Multiplayer | Real time + Tactical combat mode

Persona 5

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆☆☆ | PS3, PS4 | Role-playing, Social Simulation, Turn-based Combat

Dragon Nest 2 Legend

Overall Eye-Candy: ☆☆☆ | Android, iOS | Role-playing, Action-Dungeon Raid | PVP: Arena | Controls: Virtual Pad + Auto Battle

Soulworker JP: How to run Soulworker Patcher together with JP client.

This is the process of running the english Soulworker Patcher together with Soulworker JP client.

Soulworker JP: English patch installation

Process of patching Soulworker JP in english.

TORAM Online: Full Map v3.2.13a

Even though TORAM Online is a mobile game its world/map is huge!

Tera Online: Patch 62: Elin Gunner Gamecode Giveaway!!

Elins are cute! She's got fluffy tails and ears! And now she's got... a big GUN!! (*☆∇☆)/[≡≡≡[○] ・・━━━━━━━☆

Tera Online: Halloween Event 2017!!

Halloween is here again! And as per every Halloween Event we'll look forward to Ellonia's shop containing costumes, pets, consumables! This year Ellonia's shop contains........ contains only one item!! ∑(O_O;)Shock!!

TERA Online: How to Enchant and Upgrade! Patch 61.02 – Might of the Mechanic!!

A walk-through of the New Enchantment and Upgrade system of TERA Online. Patch 61.02 - Might of the Mechanic.

LINE PLAY : Halloween Event 2017 - Guess the CanCam Ladies concept!

LINE PLAY has a Halloween Event again! This is the 2nd mystery word challenge called "Guess the CanCam Ladies concept!"

LINE PLAY : Halloween Event 2017 - What's My Name?

LINE PLAY has a Halloween Event again! It's another mystery word challenge, the 1st one, called "What's my name?"

Tera Online: Patch 61 Gamecode Giveaway!!

Patch 61 is finally here!! We've got lots of new stuff! New servers, new dungeons, new enchantment systems, events and most of all.... GAMECODE!!!

ArcheAge Begins: Pre-Registrations and Global Launch!!

Come join the journey into the "Ancient Rift" and search for the fabled "Garden" and become one of the Gods!