Tera Online: Avatar Weapon Quest

Upon reaching level 16, "Arms of the Avatar" quest will flash on the screen and will also appear on the quest tracker list. This will be automatically added by the game without any player interaction with any npc.

QHP Note 5: -Updated: 5-25-2016
This quest has been removed. As mentioned in Tera EU: Patch Notes 42.06 – Ominous Shadows

Find Roson in Crescentia.

Talk to her to accept quest.

Collect 10 pieces of Isren's relic.

After collecting return to Roson again for the rewards~!

QHP note 1: Avatar Relic pieces drop randomly from monsters you hunt. The list on the tooltip tells you possible drop locations for that certain relic. Equivalent weapon shards also drop from the same location as its avatar relic pieces. For example: Isren's weapon shards will drop along with Isren's relic pieces.

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