Tera Online: Goodbye 2013 GIft!!

In celebration of the new year, Tera Online is giving a free mount!
A Riding Skill: Harley (3 Days)! 

How to claim

Go to http://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/goodbye-2013-2

Click on "TERA-website"

You will be re-directed to https://account.tera-europe.com/?l=en#


Click on “Enter Code“.

Type code on the box

Then a confirmation message will appear!

Login to Tera Online game client.
A tiny blinking icon near the Compass will appear. Click it to view the message "There is something for you in Item Claim", click again to open Item Claim window.

Click Use then...

TADA~!!! You are now a proud owner of a biker pig mount!! Harley (3 Days) for New Year 2014!

Note: You can also click on the Tera Shop icon to access the Item Claim window.

Enjoy the New Year~! and have fun playing Tera Online~!