Tera Online: Avatar Weapon Overview

According to the patch notes 24.05.00*, Avatar Weapons are added to Tera Online.

An Intro to Avatar Weapons, acquisition and enchanting!

So, What are Avatar Weapons? Avatar Weapons are character bound weapons that can be collected piece by piece and have a higher crit rate than weapons of equal level. Avatar Weapons can be created from the relic pieces dropped by monsters from lv11 to lv64.

Avatar Weapons inflict critical damage on monsters of below or similar level to the weapon's requirement. Because of this and the ease of collecting the pieces, it is the preferred weapon of most players on a budget.

QHP Note 3: -Updated: 5-29-2016
Avatar relic Seren has been added for lv11 characters.
According to Tera EU: Patch Notes 42.06 – Ominous Shadows, Avatar Quest for lv16 has been removed.

QHP Note 2: -Updated: 5-29-2016
Avatar relic Bahaar has been added for lv64

QHP Note 1: -Updated: 12-12-2014
With the recent "Fate of Arun" patch update, major changes, improvements and additions to TERA have been implemented.
according to Tera EU: patch-notes-29.03 Fate of Arun:

Changes to Avatar Relic System are as follows:

New Avatar Relics Ishara (lv60)  and Oriyn (lv62) have been added.

Avatar Weapon Tiers have been changed.
Tiers of equipment items have been combined:
  • Tier 1-5: new Tier 1 (4 Alkahests/Spellbinds required)
  • Tier 6-9: new Tier 2 (8 Alkahests/Spellbinds required)
  • Tier 10-12: new Tier 3 (12 Alkahests/Spellbinds required)
  • Tier 13-14: new Tier 4 (14 Alkahests/Spellbinds required)
  • Tier 15: new Tier 5 (15 Alkahests/Spellbinds required)
  • New Tier 6 (16 Alkahests/Spellbinds required)
Avatar Weapons pieces for crafting have been changed.

For lv60 Characters, Weapon Shards have been removed and are replaced by same tier Feedstocks. Godly Alkahests and Refined Godly Alkahests are now replaced by same tier Alkahests.

Weapon Shards now must be dismantled into Feedstocks for it to be used to enchant weapons.

Weapon Shards, Godly Alkahests and Refined Godly Alkahests are now dropped only on lv20-50+ areas.

Godly Alkahests, Refined Godly Alkahests, Alkahests, Refined Alkahests are now removed from stores. (But they can still be used to Enchant equipments.) They are now replaced with Tier 3 - 6 Alkahests. New Alkahests can be purchased at any Merchant and Specialty Shops.

Avatar Weapons can be crafted from the relic pieces dropped by monsters from lv11 to lv64. And can be enchanted using Feedstocks from dismantled Weapon Shards (or weapons of the same tier) combined with Godly Alkahest, Refined Godly Alkahest or Alkahests of the same Tier. Weapon shards and Godly Alkahests are also dropped by monsters of the same level (for monsters lv 20-50+). Feedstocks and Tier Alkahests are dropped by monsters for lv60+. Tier Alkahests are also available at the General Mechant's store.

Avatar weapon relic pieces "destined" for your character will glow with an impressive beam of light that only your character will see.

When in a party, same principles apply. Avatar Weapon relic pieces glow if they are for your character, otherwise relic pieces that aren't glowing isn't yours.
Take notice of the image below. figure A is your character's relic piece. figure C is a non-glowing relic piece for your party mate. figure B is a Weapon Shard used to enchant your avatar weapon.

QHP observation 1: Avatar Weapon relic pieces drop randomly and is locked to a certain player even if the loot options have been set to free within a party. Like relic pieces, Weapon shards, Alkahests (godly and refined godly), Feedstocks and Tier Alkahests (from the "Fate of Arun" update) will also be locked to a certain player. But unlike relic pieces, weapon shards, feedstocks and alkahests don't glow.

Take notice of the image below. If an item is not yours, the game itself will tell you so. A notice will appear on screen if you try to take items that is not yours.

QHP observation 2*: Should a player get disconnected, he/she will not be able to pick up relics even if they originally were locked to them.


The Avatar Weapon Window

Once you acquire an Avatar Weapon relic piece, a message will flash on screen,

and it will automatically be shown in a new window on the Inventory.

Below is an image of the parts of the Avatar Weapon tab.

  • Part a:  Tooltip showing a list of possible relic piece drop location.

  • Part b: Gauge indicating the required pieces to create the avatar weapon. Each tier of avatar weapons have their own required number of pieces to collect.
    For example: A Gidd Avatar Weapon Relic requires 54 pieces for it to be crafted (acquired). ---above example lists required pieces before the "Fate of Arun" update. Gidd Avatar Weapon Relic now needs 21 pieces to be crafted

  • Part c: Indicates how many eligible shards and weapons there are in the inventory to enchant the avatar weapon.

  • Box 1: Displays the Avatar Weapon (currently being acquired) with the highest tier eligible for your current level.

  • Box 2: Displays the available Avatar Weapon in your inventory, ready to be enchanted/ equipped.

Acquiring Avatar Weapon

Once the required number of pieces has been completed, the gauge will be replaced by an "Acquire Weapon" button. Click then confirm and you will receive the avatar weapon!

QHP observation 3*: Avatar Weapon relic pieces drop relative to a players level. If a player level up and acquires a higher tier avatar weapon, it will overwrite the lower tier avatar weapon currently shown on the avatar weapon tab on the inventory. Though the lower tier weapon is no longer shown, players can still collect relics to complete it, only if the level between the weapon and player does not exceed more than 10 levels .

Enchanting Avatar Weapons

QHP Note 2: -Updated: 12-12-2014
With the recent "Fate of Arun" patch update, there has been a lot of changes to the Enchantment system. Images below shows the old enchantment system and window. - we will be linking a new enchantment page soon!

After acquiring your avatar weapon, an "Enchant" button appears on box 2.

Clicking the button opens the enchantment window.

Place the Weapon Shard on the consume slot (left) and the Alkahest on the alkahest slot (right). Click the Enchant button to start

And click Confirm to finalize then you get your upgraded avatar weapon!
Old enchantment window

QHP observation 4*: Be careful when enchanting Avatar Weapons! Clicking on the "Add Recommended" button will allow the game to select what it thinks are the best materials. It will choose not only Weapon Shards but also any existing weapons in your inventory! SO if you don't want your precious +12 weapons to be fodder for your avatar weapons, carefully select the weapon shards or weapons you truly want to use.

Note: if  the avatar weapon box 2 shows Equip button instead of enchant button, press T to open enchant window. And drag avatar weapon on the enchant item slot (middle) then enchant normally as usual.

QHP observation 5* Lower tier Avatar Weapons can be successfully enchanted without fail from 0-9 using weapon shards and alkahest (godly and refined). However, Higher tier Avatar weapons can have a low chance of failure but of lower frequency than normal weapons.

QHP Note: It would be best to collect more weapon shards before crafting/acquiring the avatar weapon. Drop rates for that crafted/acquired weapon will be lower and it would be harder to collect the weapon shards.

*Patch notes on Avatar Weapons

We noticed a bit of inconsistency concerning the names of relic pieces and weapon shards.


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