Tera Online: Festival Achievements - Pond Faire!!!

Join the events and get the chance to complete Festival Achievemets!

Why? For a chance to get a New Title, 3 Horned Toad Pets and a Moonsilk Carpet Mount!!

Aside from those you also get a chance to win lots of Gold at Bamarama, and stock up on Rootstock Foods and Arunic Panacea!

Let the Mini-games begin!!!

QHP Change Note: -Updated: 21-09-2017
Pond Faire Season! from  September 21st (Thursday) till October 10th (Tuesday) 2017!

QHP Change Note: -Updated: 16-05-2017
TERA's 5th Anniversary! Return of Rootstock and Pond Faire Event! 16th of May 2017, Tuesday till 30th of May 2017, Tuesday.
Official news post: https://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/teras-turning-5-additional-events

QHP Change Note: -Updated: 14-08-2014
Changes to the prizes awarded for the [Mini-game] Drum Away.
Greater Bound Charms are removed and are now replaced by Melsa's Charity Lunchbox.
Melsa's Charity Lunchbox contains 1 random Rootstock food.

QHP Change Note: -Updated: 10-02-2014
As of 09-30-2014, This is the 2nd event period for Rootstock and Pond Faire this year. We assume that since this is a yearly event, it would be bound to repeat again hopefully next year.

As for the event mechanics, mini-games, quests and quest rewards remain the same.
Bamarama on the other hand changed time start time from 9pm to an earlier 7pm schedule.
Diamond Battles and Diamond tickets have been added.

For more info on Bamarama changes please read: Tera Online: Festival Achievements - Rootstock - Bamarama and Quests!!!
*this event guide was first created for Febuary 13 to March 19 2014 Rootstock Event! This event is done yearly.


Once you login, you will receive 2 new quests. One is a quest for Pond Faire.

Head over to Velika at the public square past the Collegium Arcane and look for Shurimon (the festival guide).

Other Festival Guides can also be found in the cities of  Kaiator, and Allemantheia.

QHP Note: Alternatively, you can go straight to Tuwangi Mire via Lumbertown Teleport Master for the Pond Faire, and Freeholds via Chebika Teleport Master for Rootstock.

  • To hunt for the Moonsilk Carpet Mount head over to Rootstock (Fallowfest Fairground) - for level 29 up. To go to Rootstock pages click here >> For Rootstock Cooking and For Bamarama!

  • To hunt for the Horned Toad Pets head over to Pond Faire (Tuwangi Garrison) - for level 20 up.

QHP Note: Each event is composed of multiple chain quests, and could be a bit redundant but if you really want the rewards then it's all in a days' play right? lol!

Pond Faire

Find Krumu to finish [Pond Faire] Pond Life quest and start the chain of Pond Faire quests.

Krumu is also a Pond Faire Merchant and sells Teleport scrolls for the area.

QHP Note: Pond Faire quests are a breeze to finish but are not really needed to gain the achievements. You can actually skip the quests and go play the [Mini-game] Drum Away since both need only the Colorful Frogspawns to complete. But if you don't play through the quests you miss the chance to get daily quests, including the [Pond Faire - Daily] And the Beat Goes On which gives Tuwangi Reedflute.

  Pond Faire Quests and Rewards

Quest: [Pond Faire] Prepare for the Faire - Help Haroso find a frightened tuwangi and give it courage to join the Pond Faire.

Search for Good Hiding Spots around the event area. Once a message on screen appears saying that "You found a likely hiding spot", use Haroso's Drum. The tuwangi will then appear.

Return to Haroso, then go hunting for Bubu Dragons. Then use Fire-proof skewers to make Dragon on a stick at the Burning Frog Altar.

Quest: [Pond Faire] Lilies and Drums - Gather Pond Lilies for Vedobo.

QHP Note: Hunting for Bubu Dragons and [Pond Faire] Lilies and Drums quest can also be done with a party mate. Party members also register each Bubu Dragon killed. For Pond Lilies, gather lilies at the same time for it to be registered.

Pond Faire Daily Quest

Daily Quests are received after completing the main quests of Pond Faire. Can only be done once a day. You need to wait for the next day to be able to play and receive rewards again.

  • [Pond Faire -Daily] Floral Attraction - Vedobo - Gather Pond Lilies.
  • [Pond Faire - Daily] Hide-n-Seek - Haroso- Same quest looking for the frightened tuwangi.
  • [Pond Faire - Daily] Slay the Dragons - Haroso - Hunting for Bubu Dragons.
  • [Pond Faire - Daily] Drumline - Kukuta - Play Drum Away mini-game.

QHP Note: All Pond Faire quests except [Pond Faire - Daily] And the Beat Goes On,  have the same reward.

  • [Pond Faire - Daily] And the Beat Goes On - Haroso - is hunting for Miretoad skin and rewards players with a Tuwangi Reedflute (24hours)


Pond Faire Mini-Game

Find Kukuta and play [Mini-game] Drum Away!

In order to get the Horned Toad pets, play the Drum Away mini-game and stop frogs from reaching the end of lizard line. Hit the drum according to the color of the frogs approaching the lizard line.

Pink Drum stops Pink Frogs, Red Drum stops Red Frogs, Blue Drum stops Blue Frogs.
Red Frogs are the fastest frogs, Blue Frogs are at normal speed, Pink Frogs are the slowest frog of the group.

You get 40 points for each frog stopped and -21 points for every frog that cross the last lizard line.

Mini-Games Ranking and Rewards

  • Lowest Rank negative points: 10 silver coins

  • Rank 4 below 300 points: 20 silver coins

  • Rank 4 above 300 points: 1 Melsa's Charity Lunchbox or Arunic Panacea

  • Rank 2 - 3: 1 Melsa's Charity Lunchbox and 1 Arunic Panacea

  • Top ranking players with 1000+ points: 1 Arunic Panacea, 1 Colorful Frogspawn and 3 Melsa's Charity Lunchbox.

QHP Note: Rank 2 and 3 have the same rewards. Melsa's Charity Lunchbox contains 1 random Rootstock food.

=x=x=x=x=x=x Old Reward =x=x=x=x=x=x
The mini-game rewards players with Greater Bound Charms and Arunic Panacea for every 900 points and below.

Colorful Frogspawn and Arunic Panacea for every 1000 points!
=x=x=x=x=x=x =x=x=x=x=x=x

Colorful Frogspawn will randomly reward players with Temporary Care and Use books for Rusty, Rainie or Pinkie.

Receive and use each books 7 times to gain a Festival Achievement and a Permanent Care and Use books for each frog pet! This will be sent to your mailbox. Right-click to learn and now you can summon your new pet frog!

Meet Rainie!

Meet Rusty!
Meet Pinkie!

QHP Note: Using another Temporary Care and Use book will add additional 1 day to your temporary pet frog.

You can find summon pet skills on the learned skill menu.
Old Learned Skill Menu

Right-click on your pet to view pet menu.

You need Pet Treat for your summoned pets. One Pet Treat is 30 pet energy. Pet Treat can be bought from any General Goods Merchant.

Pond Faire Achievements

Croakfest Using your first Colorful Frogspawn will trigger Croakfest Achievement!
click image to enlarge

Mondays Always Get Me Down Using Temporary Care and Use of Rainie book 7 times.

Weatherbeaten Using Temporary Care and Use of Rusty book 7 times.

Where's the Brain Using Temporary Care and Use of Pinkie book 7 times.

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