Tera Online: Festival Achievements - Rootstock - Cooking, Recipes, Alcohol and Mini-Games !!!

A continuation of festival events..

Learn about farm life and all festivities in the Freeholds! Gather produce, round-up livestock, cook delicious meals and drink wine till your whole world spins! Let's go to the Rootstock Festival!

QHP Change Note: -Updated: 21-09-2017
Rootstock Season! from  September 21st (Thursday) till October 10th (Tuesday) 2017!

QHP Change Note: -Updated: 22-08-2017
Rootstock Season is back! from 22nd August (Tuesday) till 7th September (Thursday) 2017! Bamarama will not be reactivated at this time.
Official news post: https://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/weekly-maintenance-22-08-2017

QHP Change Note: -Updated: 16-05-2017
TERA's 5th Anniversary! Return of Rootstock and Pond Faire Event! 16th of May 2017, Tuesday till 30th of May 2017, Tuesday.
Official news post: https://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/teras-turning-5-additional-events

Again, once you login, you will receive 2 new quests. One is for Rootstock.

Head over to Velika at the public square past the Collegium Arcane and look for Shurimon (the festival guide).

Other Festival Guides can also be found in the cities of  Kaiator, and Allemantheia.

  • To hunt for the Moonsilk Carpet Mount head over to Rootstock (Fallowfest Fairground) - for level 29 up.

QHP Note: Alternatively, you can go straight to Tuwangi Mire via Lumbertown Teleport Master for Pond Faire, and Freeholds via Chebika Teleport Master for Rootstock.

QHP Note: Each event is composed of multiple chain quests, and could be a bit redundant but if you really want the rewards then it's all in a days' play right? lol!


Upon reaching Rootstock, talk to Melsa to finish [Rootstock] Going to the Fair quest.

Rootstock quests are pretty straightforward, it's easy to just follow through with it. Recipes and ingredients can be bought from Melsa. And others can be easily gathered from the fields around the fairgrounds area.

Rootstock Recipes

Common, Uncommon and Rare recipes can be bought from Melsa.

Common Recipes
  • Mudroot Salad recipe
  • Popped Cobseed recipe
  • Grilled Pigling recipe
Uncommon Recipes
  • Moongourd Muffin recipe
  • Floretta Soup recipe
  • Shevranberry Cookie recipe
Rare Recipes
  • Lamb Bulgogi recipe
  • Half-moon Croquette recipe
  • Struthio Breast Salad recipe

Superior Recipes can be gained as top rewards for playing [Mini-Game] Pigling Rodeo and [Mini-Game] Kick-Bale.

Superior Recipes
  • Bleak Wings recipe
  • Traditional Bleakfields BBQ recipe
  • Freeholds Flame Salad recipe

Rootstock Ingredients

Common Ingredients can be bought from Melsa.

Melsa's Common Ingredients
  • Salad Dressing
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Flour Dough
  • Special Sauce
  • Salt
  • Herb-Seasoned Salt
  • Pigling Meat

Other Common Ingredients can be gathered from the fields just outside the fairground.

Field Common Ingredients
  • Moongourd
  • Mudroot
  • Flame Pepper
  • Taproot 
  • Cobseed
  • Floretta
  • Shevranberry
  • Struthio Egg can be gathered from nests near the Pigling Rodeo at Lee's End.
  • SkyLotus can be gathered by climbing up to the Sky Pond.

The following special ingredients can be gained as rewards for completing daily quests.

QHP Note: Images does not state the actual reward numbers. Actual pieces of rewards are posted above the image and at the images at the Daily Quests and Rewards section.

Special Ingredients

  • Struthio Breast - Melsa - [Rootstock - Daily] Dish Delivery - 5 pieces

  • Milk - Filton - [Rootstock] Ranch Management - 5 pieces

  • Lamb - Tagun - [Rootstock - Daily] Sheep Herding - 4 pieces

  • Cured Pigling - Tippani - [Mini-Game] Pigling Rodeo - score 1000 points - 3 pieces

  • Special Salad Dressing - Digory - [Mini-Game] Kick-Bale - score 1000 points - 3 pieces

QHP Note: Any plant gathering, sheep herding, egg gathering and hunting for hyenas can be done as a party.

Rootstock Freeholds Alcohol

Special Drinks (aka. Freeholds Traditional Alcohol) can be obtained by opening the Rootstock gift boxes (Bamarama Box, Kick-Bale Gift Box, and Pigling Rodeo Gift Box).

Common Freeholds Alcohol
  • Shevranberry Wine
  • Freeholds Root Beer
Uncommon Freeholds Alcohol 
  • Digory's Honey Moongourd Drink
  • Lein's Dark Root Beer
  • Sky Lotus Drink

QHP Note: Sky Lotus Drink and Shevranberry Wine have their achievement registration switched. If you drink Sky Lotus Drink, it will be registered as Shevranberry. If you drink Shevranberry Wine, it will be registered as Sky Lotus Drink.

QHP Note: These drinks are only for the achievements.. they do have stat boosts but only lasts 10 seconds most of which is the duration of the dizzy effect..

Rootstock Cooking Stations

There are 4 cooking stations at the fairgrounds.
  • Salad Table
  • Frying Pan and Stove
  • Cauldron
  • Fire Pit

QHP Note: There's a typographical error on the recipes for Grilled Pigling, Shervanberry Cookie, Moongourd Muffins, Traditional Bleakfields BBQ. All states: " To use this recipe, you must be near the stove." but all four recipes can only be cooked at the Fire Pit. Stove on the recipe means Fire Pit.

Rootstock Food

All of these food can be created using the right recipes and ingredients.
Common and Uncommon food, are not given out as a reward so must be created by using recipes sold by Melsa.
Players get Rare and Superior food as rewards for completing Rootstock quests. Rare foods are given only once, but can be re-created using Rare recipes bought from Melsa. Superior food can be gained from quest [Rootstock] Down on the Farm given daily by Rachlae and can be created again using Superior recipes from Mini-game rewards**.

Common Food
Mudroot Salad -Restores 1% of your total HP every 5sec for 15min.

Popped Cobseed - Raises max HP by 5% for 15mins.

Grilled Pigling - Restores 1% of your total MP every 5sec for 15min.

Uncommon Food
Moongourd Muffin - Restores 1% of your total HP and increases Endurance by 1 every 5sec for 15min.

Floretta Soup - Raises max HP by 5% for 15mins and Crit Rate by 10 for 15min.

Shevranberry Cookie - Restores 1% of your total MP and increases Power by 1 every 5sec for 15min.

Rare Food
Lamb Bulgogi - Raises max HP by 5%, Crit Rate by 20, and Attack Speed by 3 for 15min.

Half-moon Croquette - Restores 1% of your total MP while increasing Power by 2 and Attack Speed by 3 every 5sec for 15min.

Struthio Breast Salad - Restores 1% of your total HP while increasing Endurance by 2 and Attack Speed by 3 every 5sec for 15min.

Superior Food
Bleak Wings - Prevents Stamina from decreasing for 15mins for you and up to 20 people within a 20m radius.

Traditional Bleakfields BBQ - Increases Healing effects by 9% for 15mins for you and up to 20 people within a 20m radius.

Freeholds Flame Salad - Raises maximum Stamina by 15 for 15mins for you and up to 20 people within a 20m radius.

QHP Note: Aside from gaining the Achievements, these food are worth making because of the duration and the stat boosts they grant. Superior food buffs 20 people within a 20m radius and lasts for 15 minutes!

Superior food also stacks with all other Superior foods and only one type of lesser ranking food.
For example: You can use all 3 Superior food and you can use 1 Common food.

If you use an Uncommon food, it will replace the Common food.
Also when you use a Rare food it will replace the Uncommon or Common food.

Rootstock Teleport

Since Rootstock is a festival that includes all farms of the freehold, running back and forth from one game to another can be quite tiring. But don't worry there are several Farm Teleport Masters scattered throughout the freehold.

Rootstock Mini-Games

There are 2 Mini-games at the Rootstock Festival, although can only be played by one player at a time. Each mini-game can be played for 60 seconds.

QHP Note: All [Mini-games] have at least a 21 second cool down after use so if you are done with your 60 second game, stand aside and let others play their turn. There's no harm done queueing in line and waiting for your turn.

[Mini-Game] Kick-Bale

Kick-Bale is much like playing soccer but with a giant round hay ball. Maneuver the ball within Digory's Farmstead while defending it from 2 harvest bots.
 You get at least 50 points each time you hit the ball. You lose 15 points each time the harvest bots hit the ball back.

Kick-Bale Mini-Game Ranking and Rewards

Lowest Rank Below 300 Points
  • 10 Silver Coins

Rank 4 Above 300 Points
  • 20 Silver Coins
  • 1 Flour Dough

Rank 3 Below 700 Points
  • 30 Silver Coins
  • 3 Flour Dough

Rank 2 Above 700 Points
  • 40 Silver Coins
  • 5 Flour Dough

Rank 1 1000+ points
  • 50 Silver Coins 
  • 1 Special Salad Dressing
  • Kick-Bale Gift Box
  • 1 Random Superior Recipe or 10 Flour Dough

=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x Old Reward =x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x
For 900 points and below, you get Greater Bound Charms and Flour Dough for cooking.
Get at least 1000 points to get Flour Dough, a Kick-Bale Gift Box, Special Salad Dressing (3pcs), sometimes a random Superior recipe.
=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x =x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x

You can also get a surprise gift like Digory's Bamboo Hat from Kick-Bale Gift Box.

[Mini-Game] Pigling Rodeo

Gather as much pigling as you can before the Fringed Scarecrow comes to kill them. You get 100 points for each pigling you hit. Lose 100 points each time the Fringed Scarecrow steals a pigling.

QHP Note: Piglings hit by the Fringed Scarecrow will get killed and respawn a few seconds later.

Pigling Rodeo Mini-Game Ranking and Rewards

Lowest Rank Below 300 Points
  • 10 Silver Coins

Rank 4 Above 300 Points
  • 10 Silver Coins 
  • 1 Pigling Meat

Rank 3 Below 700 Points
  • 30 Silver Coins 
  • 1 Pigling Meat

Rank 2 Above 700 Points
  • 40 Silver Coins
  • 2 Pigling Meat 
  • 2 Herb-Seasoned Salt

Rank 1 1000+ points
  • 50 Silver Coins
  • 1 Herb-Seasoned Salt
  • 1 Cured Pigling
  • Pigling Rodeo Gift Box
  • 10 Pigling Meat or 1 Random Superior Recipe

=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x Old Reward =x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x
900 points and below, you get Greater Bound Charms and Herb-Seasoned Salt.
Get at least 1000 points for Herb-Seasoned Salt, Pigling Rodeo Gift Box, and a special ingredient  Cured Pigling (3pcs).

You also get a chance to get a Superior Recipe.
=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x =x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x

Open up your Pigling Rodeo Gift Box and you might get Tippani's Duck Mask!

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