♣It seems like this place is more of a TERA info site.. different from site desc...
74こ: Umm yes it seems like that ^^; sorry for that ^^;;; but we will try to add more things about other games when we get more free time ^^

♣ There's an expired/dead link on one of your posts (or) your images & videos are not showing up (O O )
バラChi: Please don't hesitate to leave a comment on the post/entry where the expired/dead links (or) broken images & videos are, we'll re-up them as soon as possible (^w^)

♣ I found your blog somewhere, can I follow you?
バラChi: Sure! Please do follow us here lol! XDD or you can follow our Tumblr spamPrtSc & Dailymotion asobitainanashiko (^w^) If you also have blogger then we could follow you in return if you like! Just leave a message below or at Twitter. (^w^)

♣ I have trouble reading your colorful quest guides!
月Mitan: If you have trouble reading our colored fonts, please do highlight the text so it will show up white (^ー^) ex. it will be highlighted like this 

♣ I dun understand your quest guides!
月Mitan: If you still find our quest guides confusing please don't hesitate to post a comment about it (^ー^)

♣ Can I ask you something?
月Mitan: If you have any questions, just leave a comment below or at Twitter and we'll get back to you as fast as we can (^ー^)

♣ Umm about COPYing your stuff..
バラChi: Please Do Not Copy anything here (infos, guides, images) and paste it on your site without asking us. Please No! As we have said we have painstakingly researched and personally captured in-game all the things here. If you really want to copy or use this or that very veeery badly for your own "idunno-reasons" PLEASE do send us a direct message on twitter or post a link back here on our site, and PLEASE Do Not Remove the "MMORPGQuest" watermark on the images. Please! That's all we ask. We hope you understand.



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