Prius Online: Convenience Package & Premium Mount Giveaway!!

From September 1st-30th 2011 Prius Online will be giving out Giveaway Codes for Convenience Packages and a 7day Premium Mount Ball!!!

Convenience Package is a stack of Do it Yourself Kits* which contains:

1. Traveling Auctioneer: This item will summon an Auctioneer NPC to your location. The NPC will remain for 3 minutes. (5)

2. Traveling Sphere Craftsman: This item will summon an NPC to your location that will allow you to Create a Sphere Setting, Insert a Sphere, or Extract a Sphere. The NPC will remain for 3 minutes. (5)

3. Traveling Merchant: Consuming this item will summon a General Merchant to you location wherever you are. Th NPC will remain for 3 minutes. (5)

4. Pocket Enchanter: This item will not only allow you to attempt to Enchant a piece of gear from anywhere, but it will increase the success rate of your attempt by 10%! (5)

5. Pocket Repair Kit: This item will allow you to Repair your items anywhere out in the field. (5)

6. Remote Storage: Running low on Inventory Space? Left something important back in the Atrium? No problem! This handy item will allow you to directly access your Storage from anywhere. (5)

7day Premium Mount Ball contains a random Premium Mount that lasts 7 days!

To recieve a Giveaway Code visit the any of the following sites:

CGE Network

(*Note: Do it Yourself kit info is from Prius Gpotato News )

Once you receive a Code login your game account and find Nesta.

Nesta can be found in all the Racial Towns of Prius, usually beside the Terasil Gate.

Talk to Nesta and click Register for Coupons.

Type the code on the box and click YES.

A confirmation message will appear and

Check your Common Inventory to find your Kit and Pero Ball!!

So hurry! Get your codes now!