Forsaken World: Master and Apprentice Daily Quest!

Party up and set the master as the party leader then talk to Lion Duchess Vanessa and choose M-A: Release daily quest.

Note: Daily quests can only be completed 3 times in a week with every apprentice that a Master may have.

M-A: Release daily quest: Glutton

After talking to Vanessa a blue message will appear on the master's chat box.

Note: If the quest doesn't appear on your quest list you need to talk to Vanessa again!
Talk to Vanessa and choose Daily Quest: Glutton Once the master chooses the quest, it will automatically be listed on the apprentice's quest list.

Then find/auto-route to Memory Guide Jenna and choose Return Home and Teleport: Twilight Castle (Kindred)

Upon arrival, find/auto-route to the Strange Tomb.

Once inside the tomb have the apprentice use Review skill on the master.
Note: image below is the apprentice's view.

 The master will then have Review buff and be able to open the cellar.

The Carrion will appear and will buff itself with Rigid Flesh Skill. The buff stacks 3 times if left un-debuffed and will make Carrion harder to kill.

Have the apprentice collect Sweet Flowers (the glowing blue flowers near the wall) and use it on Carrion to remove Rigid Flesh buff.
Note: Only one Sweet Flower may be picked at a time. So have your apprentice pick a flower after using it on Carrion. Only Apprentices will be able to see sparks when the flower  is ready to be picked or is no longer in their inventory. The image below is the apprentice's view.

After defeating Carrion teleport back to Freedom Harbor by talking to Teleporter Julian at Twilight Castle.

Find/auto-route to Vanessa but before you talk to her, buff your apprentice with Tutor skill for them to finish their quest.

Note: image below is the apprentice's view.

When an apprentice finishes their quest, they will receive the following rewards.

Masters will also be able to obtain full rewards.

**Update on Daily Quest: Jon will be posted later