Tera Online: 1 Year Anniversary!

Celebrate Tera's 1 Year Anniversary!

Birthday Item Package for everyone!
Tera will be sending out newsletters to all players with a code for an item package!

Patch 19.04.05 including the new raid dungeon (10 & 20 player version)
This patch is scheduled to be applied on the 16th of May 2013.

Special in-game event & chance to win a permanent mount for your character!
From 16th of May 2013 until 21st of May 2013, you’ll be able to find boxes all over the world in TERA. If you open those chests, you can get your hands on Spellbinds, Masterwork Alkahests, Master Enigmatic Scrolls, permanent masks and hats and much more. You can also get fireworks with different letters. If you manage to find the letters T, E, R and A and combine those, you’ll get yourself a permanent mount (Tawny Huntress) for free!

Loading Screen Contest
A pretty unique contest will be made available at the end of our anniversary month. Everyone will have the chance to create some images and artworks, the winners can look forward to seeing their images getting used as a loading screen in TERA with a future update! Besides your picture getting featured in the game, you’ll also get some additional rewards from us as a bonus.

source info: tera-europe.com