The Curious Case of the Copy Paster!

First of all, Thank You Very Much to everyone who stumbled upon our humble gaming blog and deemed our posts informative and helpful. It makes all the sleepless gaming nights, brain racking quest guide creation and painstaking photoshop-ing really worthwhile. Thanks for the credits and link-backs! ヾ( ̄▽ ̄ )ノ

On the other hand.. it has come to our attention that we have been copied, cloned *coughplagerizedcough*!


Really.. ( ̄д ̄ #)

To all clone copy-pasters out there...

I know our work is really, really pretty and chock–full of information but please HAVE ENOUGH GUTS/ BALLS to credit us for all the work we've done!!

It's alright to re-blog our information on your site but please post the link to our blog and credit us!    Don't just COPY and PASTE EVERYTHING ON YOUR SITE!

If you want to use our pictures PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE OUR "MMORPGQuests" WATERMARK! PLEASE~~~!!!!

IF YOU'RE LAZY enough to COPY and PASTE everything from us AT LEAST GIVE US CREDIT! LINK BACK to our site!!
We've spent hours in game testing and proving that all these information are true and accurate! All these photos were also personally taken in game so please even a little link back to us would really mean a lot!

Here is a blatant example of a shameless copy paster!

How did we know? Well, there are a few points to consider.

CopyPaster's blog
1. Header image.
He/She easily created a header image for this blog post but cropped out MMORPGQuests watermark. It's so easy to tell that it is a resized and cropped picture of the original. We could even make an overlay of the picture to compare it with the original. Fits perfectly!

2. This sentence: "Possible drop locations."
In game menus would say "Area(s) you can find relic pieces." or "Where to find the relic pieces you're looking for." As the original writers of this blog article, of course we remember what we wrote! because we wanted a short sentence that conveyed the same thing so we settled for "Possible drop locations."

3. Font style, colors and layout.
As we've stated we remember! From the words, to the bolds and italics, down to the green font colors or in this case green highlight.

Letter to copy paster:

DEAR Sir/Maam,
It seems like you know how to edit graphics or use photo editing program, and it also seems like you also play this game then you must have photos of your own right? Would you mind using your own photo on your own site? Or if it's too much for you to reword everything WE have written on OUR blog, could you please post a link back to our site? We'll GLADLY follow you back if you like, Stalk you even if you prefer. We're very good at hunting down our prey yknow :DDDDD

Seriously yours, QHP

We have our pride. we create our own blog posts using our own experience, pictures and videos. So we don't understand how this person could blatantly use our post as if it were his/her own.
Try to think from our point of view. How would you feel if you discover that someone else took credit for all the hardwork you've done?

o(-д-`メ) To everyone, sorry for the long rant, just letting out steam  ( ̄◇ ̄)ふあー.
Please do follow us still.