Tera Online: Fashion Coupons, Gift Code and Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls!!

What's New on TERA Online?

Four Dungeons, a battleground and a style shop!

Want more? How about an Event!

Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls up for grabs!

Defeat Arborea's dungeon bosses and get Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls!

Event starts from 14th July, Tuesday until 21st July, Tuesday (8AM)

Hunt for these dungeon bosses:
Sabex Armory: Yateveo
Macellarius Catacombs: Demokraxus
Ravenous Gorge: Nimistrix
Bathysmal Rise: Fulminar
Bathysmal Rise (Hard): Nightmare Fulminar
Sky Cruiser Endeavor: Darkan
Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard): Nightmare Darkan
Channelworks: Kerkion
Vault of Kaprima: Kaprima Reborn
Shattered Fleet: Barbosa
Akeron's Inferno: Duras
Akeron's Inferno (Hard): Nightmare Duras
Timescape: Valona
Timescape (Hard): Nightmare Valona

Mail me Fashion Coupons!

Login and receive fashion coupons every hour! (max of 5 hours per day!)

From Friday, 17th July till Sunday, 19th July 2015!

  • for logging in: 20 coupons
  • after an hour: 30 coupons
  • after two hours: 40 coupons
  • after three hours: 50 coupons
  • after four hours: 70 coupons
  • after five hours: 90 coupons
All coupons will be sent by Mail every hour! That's 900 Fashion Coupons!

and last but not least!!

Gift Code!

It's always nice to receive new stuff so TERA is giving away four free items!!

Just enter the code below!

QHP Note: Remember the Gift code can be redeemed once per account!

You'll get the following items~!
  • Teleport Scroll: Premium-only Area
  • Riding Skill: Panda (30 Days)
  • Parthian-Scarf (Permanent)
  • Bravery Potion
BUT Hurry! The code can only be redeemed until Friday, 31st July 2015!

How to Enter Item Code!

Go to https://account.tera.gameforge.com/ and Login!
click image to enlarge

Click on Enter Code.
click image to enlarge

Type code on the box, then click SUBMIT, a confirmation message will appear!

How to Claim Item In-Game!

Login to Tera Online game client.

Click on the Item Claim icon to access the Item Claim window.
click image to enlarge

On the Item Claim window you'll see the gift box.
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There's always something new to be happy about!
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