LINE PLAY : Halloween Event TRICK or 000000

LINE PLAY has a Halloween Event called "Halloween Event in the Square -TRICK or ???" (Part 1)

Event period is from 11AM October 19 - 11AM October 26 (GMT+9)

How to Participate :
1. Go to either New York Halloween Square, Halloween Park, Halloween Cafe, or Halloween City (You can also make your own private room on the same places).
2. Try to guess a 6 letter word and enter it on the chat window (just type in the word on the chat and send).

If you enter the correct word you will get a popup "Congratulations!" message.

And the prize will be sent from Cherry to your mail.

Wasabi Cat is animated! ♥

Also, you will get a chance to be entered into a raffle and get to win 100 cash.

*Note : the correct answer is on this post ;3

Have fun Playing Line Play!