Dragon Nest: Dragon Horn & Dragon Moustache Event!

Login during this festive period for a chance to receive limited edition Dragon Horn and Dragon Mustache costume items!

Event Duration: 19 Jan 2012 to 14 Feb 2012 (2359 HRS, GMT+8)

Throughout the first month of the Lunar New Year, you’ll receive 1x New Year’s Gift Box containing essential crafting and enhancement reagents when you're online for 30 minutes daily, and 3x New Year’s Gift Boxes when it's an hour.

It gets even better on weekends – You’ll receive New Year’s Gift Special Boxes instead, which contain higher quality reagents and limited edition Dragon Horn and Dragon Moustache costume items!

*You may only receive a max of 4 gift boxes per day.
*All New Year's Gift Boxes are sent to your in-game Mailbox.


Kabalyero said...

I still have time to get this goodies in-game.

バラChi said...

Yes you still have time till Feb 14, the dragon horn & mustache box is only given on Saturdays & Sundays if you login for 3 hours (^__^)