Dragon Nest: Make a Date with Irine this V-Day!

Valentines Week! Events Planner Irine's already packing lots of gifts for everyone who's logged in for the day!

Event 1
Valentine’s Day Event Mission (Daily)

Roses are red, violets are blue
Pop into town now
Because we have a gift for you!

Simply visit any town in Lagendia daily to receive 2 Super Ultra Love Potions!
(Note: You may collect this reward once per day only.)

Event 2
Valentine’s Day Log-In Event

Lilies are white, carnations are pink
Get rewarded with treasure boxes
When you stay logged in!

Login into the game during this event period and get rewarded with treasure boxes! The longer you stay logged in, the more treasure boxes you can receive!

Event 3
Valentine’s Day Event Quest (Repeatable)

Hellebores are green, sunflowers are yellow
Complete this quest for a Title,
And you’ll be a happy fellow!

Seek out Events Planner Irine for a special Valentine’s Day Event Quest where you can earn a special Title for your efforts. Complete the quest as many times as you can to unlock more Titles!