Prius Online: Termination & Compensation Announcement!

Sadly, Prius Online will be shutdown on March 27, 2012


We'll miss the all the good times, scenery, Peros, cute Anima and all the races in the world of Prius.


バラChi said...

If only they managed the game properly~ *sigh* it's such a waste didn't even reach its 1st anniversary & then gpotato pulled the plug (ーー#) The game has a lot of potential so I wish another game company picks this up soon. Aahh~ I missing my anima alreadyy~!! ,>A<)ノ

Anonymous said...

Well shit, I just came back to check if they fixed the stupid guild system and dang.

I'm even too late for the compensations and they had lots of my money :(

月Mitan said...

Yeah, i know. (´∩`。)
Even if they did give out compensations, i didn't find the other games interesting enough to play.

Anyways, thanks for your comment ( /^ω^) and feel free to browse the other games we featured (⌒o⌒)b