Dragon Nest: FREE Skill Initialization Scroll!

All Dragon Nest SEA Players will receive FREE [Skill Initialization Scroll]!

This freebie has been given in mind to help players gain an edge with the Character Rebalancing updates, one of the many perks that are introduced in the 150.Mark patch.

How to get your Redemption Code:

Step 1:
Login to your Cherry Credits account via https://exchange.cherrycredits.com/

Step 2:
Access your Cherry Messenger Inbox for your personal Redemption Code
Step 3:
Login to Dragon Nest SEA with the character that you desire to have the [Skill Initialization Scroll] on
Step 4:
Press F11 to enter the Cash Shop (while in a town)

Step 5:
Click on the 'Enter Coupon' button in the Cash Shop
Step 6:
Key in your personal Redemption Coupon Code
Step 7:
Locate your free [Skill Initialization Scroll] in your inventory under the ‘CC’ tab

*If you are encountering problems trying to access your Cherry Credits accounts through Cherry Exchange, please send an e-mail to gardener@cherrycredits.com and we will assist you with your problems.

- This Redemption Coupon Code will expire on 6 April 2012.
- Once redeemed, the [Skill Initialization Scroll] will expire in 7 days if not consumed.
- Only 1x [Skill Initialization Scroll] may be redeemed per Cherry Credits account.
- Through this Redemption Code system, players may easily choose which character they wish to have the [Skill Initialization Scroll] on. Players are advised to choose carefully as the [Skill Initialization Scroll] is NOT tradable.