Forsaken World: Nightfall Login Event & New Achievements!

Login Event: Get a Free Phantom Orb!

Login your level 40 character during Nightfall and get a free gift!

Characters that are level 40 or above can receive a free Phantom Orb! The possible prizes from the Phantom Orb include the Phantom pet, Illusionist/Jester fashion, Amethyst Crystal, Sapphire Crystal, Memory Fruit, and Token of Faith.

Limit one per character, so login with all your level 40+ characters to qualify. Any character that levels to 40 and logins during the event period will also qualify. Prizes will be sent to the character's Mail Box after the event is over.

Event Begins: March 28, 2012 (12AM PDT, 3AM EDT, 8AM GMT, 9AM CET)

Event Ends: April 1, 2012 (11PM PDT, 2AM EDT, 7AM GMT, 8AM CET)

 Image of Phantom Pet (Possible Prize from Phantom Orb)

New Achievements: Get a Free Title!

New achievements are now available: CORE Acheivements.

Get the "The Fall of Night" achievement (login during the week after the launch of the Nightfall Expansion, 3/28-4/1) to qualify for a free title: Children of Nightfall. Once you have the achievement, just go to the CORE Token shop to redeem the free title: CORE Token Shop (title will be available in the Token Shop by next week, 4/6).