Raiderz Online: Open Beta and Halloween Event!

Raiderz is now OPEN!!!!

Note: to access download page login to your perfect world account or register here

In line with the Open Beta launch, Raiderz will also be having it's 1st event of the year, a Halloween Event!

Hunt monsters of Rendel and loot various candies like Halloween Candy and Festival Pumpkin.

Head over to Ingen and look for Pumpkin Fairy and Event Manager Franky.

You can get special items like the Witch Feast, the special Broomstick mount, toy items like the Skeleton's Bow Toy, and the magical Pumpkin Fairy Transformation Crystal.

Temporary and permanent Special Halloween Event outfits are also available. Permanent Costumes can be purchased at the Cash Shop. Access the Cash Shop and choose the Halloween Costume Box.

Images and additional info will be added soon!

source info: RaiderZ