Dragon Nest: Return of the Pumpkin Hats, FTG Recovery Potions and other Halloween Events!

For those who missed getting the Pumpkin Hats last year, Crazy Pumpkin Duck season has come again!!

Plus! Pumpkin Hats this year have enhanced stats bonuses!

Event 1: Pumpkin Hat Event

Talk to Events Planner Irine to start the Happy Halloween Event.

Choose and accept the Halloween Event Quest,

Then go hunt Crazy Ducks and collect 5 Event Coupons.

(Note: Crazy Ducks can be found on all dungeons, but are more frequently seen on high level dungeon maps.)

Exchange Event Coupons for the Pumpkin Hat you prefer.

1st 5 Event Coupons Exchanged for the 15 day time-limited Pumpkin Hat.

2nd 5 Event Coupons Exchanged for the Unlimited Pumpkin Hat!

All-in-all collect 10 Event Coupons for each Unlimited Pumpkin Hat.

(Note: Each Pumpkin Hat will have separate quests, so if you want to get all Pumpkin Hats, you must accept all of the event quests. And collect a total of 40 Event Coupons.)

Event 2: Halloween Login Event

Login during the weekdays to enjoy yummy [Halloween Witch Cookies] which increases Attack by 30% for 15 minutes!

Login during weekends and get [Halloween Witch Cookies] + [FTG Recovery Potions]!

An icon (left of the mini map) shall run a timer to help players keep track of how many minutes they have spent online to be eligible for the reward of the day.

Login Event Rewards List

Will be adding more Halloween quest info~

source info: dn.cherrycredits.com