P3P: Sanada Akihiko [Secret File] SLink #1

Persona 3 Portable female version~!!!
First Social Link (date) with Akihiko Sanada *ohmmm~♥(*//u//*

//Note: In order to date Akihiko, female MC must have Level 4 (Queen Bee Rank) Charm. To do so female MC must ●play Print Club at Game Center (Paulownia Mall), ●drink Pheromone Coffee at Chagall Cafe (Paulownia Mall), ●eat Pork at Hagakure Ramen (Iwatodai Strip Mall 2F),  ●watch love movies at Screen Shot (Port Island Station), ●answer correctly during class, and etc.

Warning: This post contains spoilers, please refrain from seeing/reading this post if you would like to experience and answer the s.link questions on your own. This was created of pure excitement, self contentment, and from the discovery of the lack of informative images on the web. Read with discretion. //

Now.. on with the Screens! X333

Answer A Answer B

Answer A Answer B

**Will add Social Link 2 soon. (^ u ^


月Mitan said...

akihiko~( ♥▽♥) more screencaps please~!!

バラChi said...

Fuhahahah!!! I will soon~!! >X//DDD