Granado Espada: Cadet Adriana National Day Event!

Hunt Rabbits from 26th July till 16th August 2012, for a chance to collect a Cadet Adriana Character Card and National Day Gift!

To participate in the National Day event, look for Cadet Adriana in City of Auch.

Then hunt for Rabbits! They can be randomly found all over the maps.

The Rabbits will randomly drop event items and the characters that are needed for the event.
  • •Soul Crystal (Event)
  • •Triumph Filler (Event)
  • •Hrin's Ampule (Event)
  • •Principal Ampul for Event
  • •Ring Box (for event)
  • •Event Socket Processing Tranquillizer
  • •Birthday Present
  • •Birthday Cake
  • •Birthday Firecracker
  • •Red Lollipop (Event)
  • •Pink Lollipop (Event)
  • •Blue Lollipop (Event)
  • •Black Lollipop (Event)
  • •Rainbow Lollipop (Event)

  • •Character P
  • •Character A
  • •Character R
  • •Character T
  • •Character Y
  • •Character B
  • •Character C
  • •Character D
  • •Character E
  • •Character H
  • •Character I
  • •Character N    
  • •Character 4
  • •Character 7

Collect the letters to spell the word [Cadet Adriana] in order to exchange for Cadet Adriana Character Card.

Collect the letters to spell [Happy 47th Birthday] in order to exchange for the National Day Gift which contains a Angel Gabriel’s Sabre and Angel Raziel’s Revolver.