Dragon Nest: Summer Event!

Dragon Nest is having a series of cool event just for this summer!

Event 1: Welcoming Summer Everyday: A Daily Log-in Event!

Simply login to the game daily to get rewarded! No log-in durations, just log-in for the day and you're in! Plus, if you log-in for consecutive days you get accumulated rewards! But you need to follow certain rules..

During the event, upon Log-in, you will receive the following notification on the chat box.
"You have received mail.", "You have been given rewards for completing the Event!", "Please check your mailbox for the gift!"
Also a mail icon will flash, together with the Event Attendance button. (Note: beside the ESC button)

Click the Event Attendance button to help you keep track of your daily log-ins.

Now run off to the mailbox to check your reward for the day!
(Note: the event reward is per character logged for the day! all of your characters get a daily reward.. if you logged each individual character.)

When you open the Cool Ice Box, you will get this message.Then upon clicking YES a "slot machine" type of message box will appear, with the images of potential rewards cycling till the yellow bar fills up. Then you get your random "prize".. err.. reward.

Cool Ice Box 2012 Rewards:
  • Bunny Headband
  • •Essence of Life
  • •Initial M 1
  • •Initial M 2
  • •Intermediate Jewel Pouch
  • •Refreshing Emergency HP Recovery Potion
  • •Strawberry Ice Cream Cone
  • •Watermelon Ice Cream
  • •Candy Ice Cream
  • •Grape Ice Cream Cone (7days)
  • •Refreshing Emergency MP Recovery Potion

Mechanics for Accumulated Rewards and Consecutive Log-ins:
  •     Cool Ice Box 2012 will be given for daily log-in action during the event period (to be sent to your in-game mailbox)
  •     •Log-in days are accumulated
  •     •Log-in for consecutive days for more rewards:
Table of Consecutive Log-in Days and Equivalent Rewards:

ONE Cool Ice Box 2012 will be given for the 1st to 3rd day of log-in. If you continue logging in daily from the 4th to 10th day, you will receive TWO Cool Ice Boxes each day. If you continue logging in daily from the 11th to 20th day, you will receive THREE Cool Ice Boxes each day. Keep up the good work and log-in from the 21th to 30th day and you’ll receive FOUR Cool Ice Boxes each day! This means that by logging in daily throughout the event period, you can receive a grand total of 87 Cool Ice Boxes!

  • However, please take note that if you miss a single day of log-in, your login count will reset back to 1.

Event 2: Summer Quack Attack: Kill The Crazy Ducks!

Hunt Crazy Ducks for the letters to the word SUMMER.

(Note: Crazy Ducks can be found on all dungeons, but are more frequently seen on high level dungeon maps.)

Event 3: Juicy Sweet Summer: Grab Your Water Melon Hat Event!

Once you've gathered all the letters to spell SUMMER, head over to Events Planner Irine to exchange for an exclusive Limited Cool Watermelon Hat for both you and your pet. Gather another set of letters to spell SUMMER and exchange it for an UNLIMITED Cool Watermelon Hat for you and your pet!

Ok, if you already received your UNLIMITED Cool Watermelon Hat, what about your extra letters? No worries! Exchange each initial with Events Planner Irine for 1 Summer Event Box each!

Rewards from the Summer Event Box:
  • •Cute Bunny Tail
  • •Refreshing Emergency HP Recovery Potion
  • •Strawberry Ice Cream Cone
  • •Watermelon Ice Cream
  • •Candy Ice Cream
  • •Grape Ice Cream Cone
  • •Refreshing Emergency MP Recovery Potion

Event 4: Summer Bunny Set

Collect both Bunny Headband and the Bunny Tail for the special set bonus!
(Note: Cute Bunny Tail can be obtained from the Summer Event Box. Bunny Headband can be obtained from the Cool Ice Box 2012. Both have a 30Day duration timer.)