Dragon Nest: 1st Year Aniversary Giveaways!

Come celebrate Dragon Nest SEA's 1st Anniversary!
Dragon Nest SEA will be giving away free ROBO WINGS!! from August 14-27!

On August 16, GM's will be joining in on the fun with their own hide and seek events and giveaways in Calderock and Saint Haven.

Also on August 16-20, simply log in and receive Goddess Teardrops + a special item in your mailbox.

Be prepared for the hunt! On August 22, GM's will summon rare Level 50 monsters on the farms!

Check out the list of events on the official DN 1st Anniversary page!

How to gain Robo Wings!

Collect these items between 14th Aug- 27th Aug and get FREE Ultra-cool Robo Wings:

  •     •1x [Epic] Plush Bunny*
  •     •1x [Epic] Harori Poster*
  •     •1x [Epic] Harori Album Limited Edition*
  •     •2x [Epic] Altea Statue
  •     •5x [Epic] Syanen No. 7 Handkerchief
  •     •50x Pie Crumbs
  •     •50x Ancient Scroll
  •     •50x Four-Leafed Clover
  •     •50x Dew Vine
  •     •30x Honey*
*updated and reduced, noted on official site.

Item Locations:
  • Pie Crumb : Raiders' Den - Raiders Ambush Point
  • Ancient Scroll : Forest Sanctuary - Sanctuary Core
  • Four-Leafed Clover : Sigh Canyon - Road of No Return
  • Dew Vine : Sleepers' Temple - Prayer's Resting Place
  • Honey : Sleepers' Temple - Prayer's Resting Place
The rest of the epic gifts can be exchanged from Magician Frederick outside the Wonderful Theme Park in Calderock.

Each of the epic gift will require 16 Wonderful Exchange Coupons. To gather all 10 epic gifts will require 160 Wonderful Exchange Coupons.

Important notes:
1. Robo Wings are NOT permanent unfortunately.. The wings lasts for 30 days.
2. The wings can be used by Lv30+ characters and have the following bonuses: All stats + 5, Movement Speed +12%, Town Movement Speed + 5%**
3. Event starts on 14th Aug at 0000hrs and ends on 27th Aug at 2359HRS (GMT+8).
4. Players should keep all the required items in your character's inventory until character receives the reward on or by August 28!
5. Players have 14days to collect all the items and choosing Master mode will yield more dungeon drops.
6. After the event, items required will not be collected and will still remain on your character's inventory. (Probably need space for the reward~ ( ^-^)

**updated and changed, noted on official site.

GM Hide and Seek!

Head over to Calderock Village and Saint Haven to join the GM's Event on August 16 from 1300HRS to 2200HRS!

GM's will giveaway:
  • •Ebony Thunder Horse Medallions*
  • •Ordinary Diamond 
*updated and reward changed, noted on official site.

Important notes:
1. GM's will be asking for in game items. Items traded to the GM will not be returned to the player.
2. There are no restriction on how many times a player can trade the GM.
3. A player has 20 seconds to place all required items in the trade window upon trading the GM. And trade window will be closed IF there are no items placed within 10 seconds.
4. GM has the right to block or close trade window if he/she is not prepared for the trade.

Aniversary Login Bonus!

Just login from August 16-20 and wait for your mail the next day!
  • August 16 : 5 Goddess Teardrop + 5 Splendid Firecracker (30days)

  • August 17 : 5 Goddess Teardrop + 1 Trading House Ticket (7days)

  • August 18 : 5 Goddess Teardrop + 5 Grand Firecracker (30days)

  • August 19 : 5 Goddess Teardrop + 10 Premium Magic Stamp

  • August 20 : 5 Goddess Teardrop + 5 Resurrection Scroll

Important notes:
1. Rewards will be credited at 0000hrs the next day.
2. You can find the Goddess Teardrops in your character mailbox and the CC rewards in your Cash Shop gift box.

Level 50 Monsters Attack!

GM's will be summoning Lv50 monsters in the farm! Prepare for the battle on August 22! And at these times:
  • Westwood + Holywood: 1500 HRS - 1600 HRS

  • Springwood + Greenwood: 1630 HRS - 1730 HRS

  • Westwood + Holywood: 1930 HRS - 2030 HRS

  • Springwood + Greenwood: 2100 HRS - 2200 HRS

source info: dn.cherrycredits forum
                     dn anniversary page


バラChi said...

About the wings, I wish they would've made it permanent since there's a ton of things to collect and most of them are not easy to get. Also it's supposed to be an anniversary gift / event item it should be permanent to commemorate this 1st year event and to give the players something to remember the event by.

月Mitan said...

well said! it's an anniversary! players should have something to remember that 1st anniversary. Even if they took out all of the stat bonuses, i personally would still want to get those wings.

Anonymous said...

still its better to have a permanent robo wings to remember the 1st aniv of dragon nest right? gm please make it permanent :p