MMORPGQ's Report: Region Restrictions!

Wanna know if you can play the same games we play??

We've scouted the game publishers and listed down which regions are allowed and which are restricted.

Check out this list~!

Forsaken World and RaiderZ access according to Perfect World Inc.

"Disabled Region" Message

Countries which cannot play Perfect World games


RaiderZ Europe according to Gameforge Berlin

Which languages and Countries will be supported by Gameforge Berlin?


Dragon Nest access according to

Can everyone access and play Dragon Nest SEA?

Dragon Nest access according to

What is the service area for Dragon Nest?
Note: click Dragon Nest from the tabs on the left then click page 2 question 20 


Continent of the Ninth C9 access according to
Are there IP blocks in specific countries?


Granado Espada access to

QHP's Scouts report that, IAH Games has not specifically listed any region restriction. Therefore is considered globally accessible, although service is directed towards Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Australia.

Granado Espagda access to

Same with IAH Games, T3fun also has not stated any region restriction. Can also be accessed globally.


Aika Online access according to

Will I be able to play AIKASEA?

Aika Online access to

According to QHP's Scouts, Aika Online North America has been transferred to T3fun since January 31 2013. Aika Online North America was formerly handled by Currently, QHP's Scouts have not found written T3fun statements regarding regional blocks and is assumed to be globally accessible.

Note: read about the Aika Online North transfer here = Aika North Transfer also read the guide on how to transfer from Aika North to T3fun = Aika North to T3fun Guide


Rohan Online access to

QHP's Scouts report Rohan Online is globally accessible except for countries already publishing the game locally like Korea, Japan, Philippines and Indonesia.


Tera Online access according to

Playing TERA outside of North America

Will En Masse IP block based on region?

Tera Online access to

QHP's Scouts have not found online statements regarding IP/Country blocking on Tera-Europe. It is assumed to be the globally accessible.

**These are the current region settings for each game as of 2013.
*This is still a partial list of the games and not all of the publishers and regions are listed here.