RaiderZ Online: Shunack's Wing!

Shunack's Wing Quest line can be a very frustrating quest!
Devious people are often camping around the area waiting for unsuspecting quest starters to hit the Shunack's Wing and drop a tablet for the next quest. Which leaves the poor quest starters bugged..

If you're one of those bugged players, don't wait for other players and steal their plate! There's always a better solution! (how about trying to ask for help? explain the situation and tell the other person how to not get bugged while helping you.)

This guide aims to stop such rude thieving behaviors.

Ok! Once you get to Makot Village follow the series of quest till you recieve a quest the to find the Fifth Koboldran Piece or "Ancient Relics" from the kobold Urekus. At the same time take the quest "Cause of the Contamination" from Lead Investigator Hitch. The order of which quest was started is not important.

Important Note: Do not run off to finish the Ancient Relics quest yet. This will save you from getting bugged in case someone steals your plate.

Now hold on to the "Ancient Relics" quest and start "Cause of the Contamination" quest which will lead you to Dr. Heronne.

This will start "Collecting Specimens" quest. She will then ask you to collect samples from Shunack's Corpse and Mad Heart Clan Specimens.

Hunt red named kobolds for the Mad Heart Clan Specimens. Run behind Shunack's head to trigger collecting of head sample. Return to Dr. Heronne completing this quest and starting "What's Next" Quest.

Note: Shunack's Wing quest, "What's Next" is pretty confusing since Dr. Heronne tells the player to get rid of Shunack's Corpse. But actually, you won't be able to do so until you receive Kaizer's Claw. Leaving a lot of first time questers hacking and slashing away at the wing and all their efforts futile..

"What's Next" quest asks the player to attack Shunack's Wing

Important Note: Before you attack Shunack's Wing make sure to check the surroundings for people hanging around the area. If your plate gets stolen (-__-;;) don't worry. Press "J" button for the quest menu and click the "abandon" button on the completed "What's Next" quest and "Ancient Relics" quest and restart again. Pick up the quests again from Dr. Heronne and Urekus. ~Yes, we've done this before.

Note: It's best to attack the wing near the joint and not the tips of the wings. The plate will also drop near this area. Other players have also said to hit the wing again for the plate to drop if it doesn't on your first try.

click image to enlarge / image was taken after finishing the quest so there is a plate on the floor.
The main objective of the quest is not to drain Shunack's HP but to hit it enough so your character will think that any further attacks will be useless.

Shunack's Wing is immune to all attacks and will render any attack useless. Notice the small icon on the upper right corner of the screen. Futile Attempt status icon (59m!) and an Immobilization status icon (2s).
Each time you attack the wing the Futile Attempt status stacks 4x, on the 5th attempt a Give Up status icon appears.

Note: It's better to use Physical attacks when hitting the wing.~ yes, i meant even clerics and sorcs.

After 5 attacks, an event notice will appear on the screen along with a small icon indicating that the player's character has given up and the quest will now be marked as completed. But, you will need to return to Dr. Heronne to really complete this quest.

Note: As long as you don't report to Dr. Heronne, you can abandon this quest to un-bug your "Ancient Relics" quest. 

At the same time, a plate will appear and will trigger a question mark indicating that it is an active quest. if you click on the plate it will complete the quest "Ancient Relics" and will start a new quest "All That Glitters".

Hurray! You're done! errr.. far from over but at least done with Shunack's Wing and the ninja plate of buggedness.

Follow the series of quests after "All That Glitters"quests till you get to "[Party] Mission Impossible" to kill Darkbinder Crassus, the giant horned beetle, to acquire Kaizer's Claw. You will need to use the claw to finally get rid of Shunack's Corpse.

Buuuuu~ut... there's only one place to use the Kaizer's Claw.. Run behind Shunack's Head (your back against the waterfall & sunshine). Use Kaizer's Claw on the huge section below his head and neck.

After a few seconds, Shunack's Corpse will begin burning! And will finally be destroyed leaving only the indestructible wing behind.......

.......for a few seconds. Then will respawn ready to torture innocent quest starters again.

we hope that with this guide, there shall no longer be any bugged first time quester.


Anonymous said...

You have no idea how grateful I am for this. I spent hours trying to solve this. =)

月Mitan said...

glad to be of help! v(*'-^*)ゞ