Dragon Nest: Celebrate Dragon Nest's 3rd Year Anniversary Halloween Event!

Yes! Halloween has come again! But if hunting crazy ducks aren't spooky enough and cookies can't satisfy your sweet tooth then come and experience a whole new Halloween Event!

Open up Spooky Halloween Boxes to get a lot of sweet treats! like Magical Spider Web Jelly, Sweet and Sour Eyeball Candy, Everlasting Pumpkin Pie, Crispy Fried Bat and most of all, an Attractive Pumpkin Coin!!

Here's a tip: Collect enough Attractive Pumpkin Coins and get your permanent Crystal Clear Ancestral Dragon Wings!!!

Login from October 7 2014 to November 3 2014 and get your Spooky Halloween Box!

This is a login and time event. This means you get 1 Spooky Halloween Box when you login, and 1 more Spooky Halloween Box every 30 minutes you spend online! You get rewards for up to 2 hours per character! What this means is that each and every character in your account gets 1 Spooky Halloween Box per login and 1 more per 30 minutes you are online!!! Login for 28 days to get a special prize!

Time Event table!

But there's more to this even than just standing by idly. Accept the Halloween Ghoul Mode Event and gain 3 more Attractive Pumpkin Coin (once daily)!

Talk to Count Suckurblud to start quest [Event] Halloween Special Ghoul Play.

Click (Go to Ghoul Mode) to enter Colosseum lobby.

QHP Note: You can only do this when you first start your Halloween Ghoul Event quest. You will need to go talk to a [Colosseum] Colosseum Manager in town to enter Colosseum.

Once you enter you will see a list of on going matches. Make sure to choose the one with Ghoul Mode to gain your daily Halloween reward.

If you don't want to join a pre-made match, you can always make one yourself!

Make sure you have enough players to start a game. (No you can't go play with an imaginary friend.)

Ok so you've found a room (or you've filled your room) click start or ready to enter the game!

Inside, players will either be a human or a ghoul. The objective of the game is to survive as a human and try to kill off rampaging ghouls. However, if a player becomes the ghoul, the objective is to chase humans around!

Humans don't get any skills. But they are able to pick up HP items and random weapons to help them defeat ghouls. Humans can change the infected ghouls back into their human forms! Pick up Unstable Holy Water for a chance to change the ghouls back or change them into another type of ghoul.. Pick up Holy Water for a 100% chance to turn ghouls back into humans!

There are 6 types of ghouls. Each with their own special attack!

There's no rule for winning to get your daily reward. Win or lose you get your reward, either ways just have fun and stay till the end of the rounds then check your mail to get your daily reward!

Once you've collected your Attractive Pumpkin Coins, go find Count Suckurblud and check his store out for whatever items you want to buy!

Enjoy and Happy collecting!

source info: dn.cherrycredits.com