Tera Online: Halloween Event! Cannons and Candies!!

It's Halloween again!! And with it comes lots of candies and... monsters!!

Come join the Witches of Eldritch Academy as they ward off the horde of monsters trying disrupt their Halloween party and steal their magic candy!


QHP Change Note: -Updated: 27-11-2017
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Find Elloina and she will teleport you to Eldritch Academy Grand Hall.

QHP Note: You can find Ellonia in the 3 main cities. Near the steps facing Sharan Command in Allemantheia; Near the Goddess Statue at Plaza of the Huntress in Velika; Standing near the door to Kaiator Command Center at Forgeheart in Kaiator. She can also be found at certain towns, like Pora Elinu.

You will be teleported to Eldritch Academy Grand Hall, there you will see Witch Detective Titiana and Beryn.

Talk to Witch Detective Titiana to start Cannons and Candy (lv.10) quest.

Hunt down Gourdo, the Giant Pumpkin Head Ghost, inside the Harvest Festival Hall

Talk to Titiana again and teleport into the Academy's Harvest Festival Hall.

Inside the Harvest Festival Hall, have one person talk to Headmistress Serena to start the game, but only when everyone else is at their cannons and ready to go.

QHP Note: It's not so bad to talk about strategy first. Not everything could be resolved by a head-on charge into anything. It would be a good idea for the leader to ask the other two players take the 2 furthest cannons. And once they are manning their cannons, talk to Serena and start the game. The nearest cannon should be reserved for whoever is assigned to talk to Serena and start the game.

Serena will ask you to protect the Halloween Candy Basket in the middle of the room. There will be 3 cannons and 3 pumpkin entrances surrounding the candy stash. The objective of this game is to try and prevent monsters from taking the candy back into the pumpkin entrances for 5 minutes. You will gain points for every monster you kill and will gain deductions for every monster that makes it back into the pumpkin entrance.

There will be a cycle of monsters in the game. The 1st wave of monsters will be 3 Harvest Tuwangi, 2 Halloween Tuwangi and 1 Halloween Tuwangi Chief.
A message will appear to inform you of the 2nd Wave of monsters. Monsters will be 3 Halloween Sweet Fiend and 2 Halloween Rattlespear.
3rd Wave of monsters will be 2 Halloween Pale Rider and 1 Hallowbones.
4th Wave will be Gourdo and many Halloween Spirits.

QHP Note: 1st wave and 2nd wave of monsters will continue to cycle till the end of the game. The 4th wave will cycle without Gourdo. Lastly, the second batch of 3rd wave monsters will only re-appear after your group has defeated the first batch Halloween Pale Riders and Hallowbones, and will usually respawn at the last minute or 40+ seconds before the game ends.

Defeat Gourdo to cast a frost debuff (30sec) on all the monsters currently in the area. Defeat Halloween Spirits for random debuffs on the monsters like HP decrease of 25% for the monsters (5sec); Defense de-buff for the monsters (5sec); or sometimes a trick buff for the increase of monster movement speed (5sec).

QHP Note: Defeating Gourdo also clears The Party Bouncer quest for the whole party.

Once you cleared the game you will receive a message with your rank and equivalent reward sent to your mail.

♦◎  Rank Table  ◎♦
Rank    Points    Halloween Candy
1          5000            6
2          3000            5
3          1000            4
4          300              3
5            0                2

Use the Teleportal near Serena to return to Eldritch Academy Grand Hall.

Talk to Titiana to complete your quest and start repeatable The Party Bouncer (lv. 10) quest.

Should you tire of the Halloween Party, talk to Beryn who will gladly teleport you back to Pora Elinu.

It will be a good time to check Ellonia's Shop!

Page 1 contains the following items: 
  • Combat Supply: Charming Campfire, Hasty Campfire
  • Weapon Skin: Black Dragon for a Day, Dark Side for a Day, Prestige for a Day.
  • Random Box: Bam Magic for a Day (contains either Kill BAM or 1 day Black Magic Costume).
  • Back Costume: Wind-up Key
  • Head Costume: Frankenhat, Marked for Death
  • Face Costume: Jack-O-Lantern Glasses.

QHP Note: According to the official site, One day weapon skin smart boxes cannot be opened by Reapers.

Shop page 2 contains:
  • Consumable for Females only: Shape Changer: Chest Enhancement (1 minute), Shape Changer: Chest Reduction (1 minute)
  • Consumables: Shape Changer: Grow (1 minute), Shape Changer: Shrink (1 minute), Shape Changer: Big Head (10 minute), Unveiling Potion: For Me (1 Day), Unveiling Potion: For All (1 Day).
  • Head Costume: Monster Mask, Teddy Head
  • Body Costume: Smart Box with a Tough Teddy (7 Days)
Shop page 3 contains:
  • Pets: Care and Use of Your Pet Bonzai (7 Days), Care and Use of Your Pet Addams (7 Days).

Elonia's Shop Catalogue!

:●◎● Events and Holiday Achievements ●◎●:
You can find 2 achievements for this event on the Special tab then Events and Holidays.

Cannon Control: Get a score of 5000 in the Harvest Festival Hall. You will also achieve "Loose Cannon" title.

Seasonal Squash: Kill Gourdo in the Harvest Festival Hall ten times. Recieve the title "Pumpkin Smasher".

Happy Halloween and Good Luck with the candy hunt!!

free gift items source info: http://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/halloween-event-kaprima-and-free-items


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