Tera Online: Carnival and Blue Treasure Chests!!

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The Carnival has come to town to spread fun and entertainment for everyone!! Starting Tuesday, January 27th 2015 till Tuesday, Febuary 10th 2015!

But as the carnival travelled from city to city, they seem to have lost a few of their "Blue Treasure Chests"! containing most of their Costumes, Shape Changers and cute Duck Mounts!

They've sent out a message to everyone! Help them gather up their boxes and all its contents will be yours!

◎◆ Search for Treasure Chests! ◆◎

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Just login to the game and you can immediately start searching for Blue Treasure Chests!

There is no quest to follow and the Treasure Chests will respawn in all areas of the world of Arborea. (All field maps!!)

Treasure Chest will spawn randomly all over the map. But these have a set time limit on a particular location. If it is not found within the allotted time, it will disappear and respawn on another part of the map.

As always, when hunting for something, Radar will be helpful! It will always show any monster, gathering nodes and non-aggressive monsters 60-70m around the player. In this case, Treasure Chests!! These will be shown as normal sized gold diamonds on the radar.

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To collect the Treasure Chests, you need to attack it like a regular monster. It then will drop Velik's Golden Giftbox.
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QHP observation 1*: Be warned though, sometimes the Treasure Chests won't drop anything. :/

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Velik's Golden Giftboxes cannot be traded, sold placed in bank or guild bank.

QHP observation 2*: Treasure Chests drop only one Velik's Golden Giftbox. Velik's golden giftbox will be acquired by the character who initiated the 1st hit on the box.

Velik's Golden Giftbox
Velik's Golden Giftbox might contain the following items!

  • Riding Skill: White Afro Duck (7 Days/30 Days/Permanent)

  • Riding Skill: Duckerberg (7 Days/30 Days/Permanent)

  • Smart Box with a Bouncy Bunny (7 Days/Permanent)

  • Bunny Head (7 Days/Permanent)
  • Flamingo Weapon Skin (7 Days/Permanent)
  • Shape Changer: Big Head (1 Day)
  • Shape Changer: Thin Thighs (1 Day)
  • Shape Changer: Thicken Thighs (1 Day)

  • Shape Changer: Shrink (1 Day)

  • White Floppy Ears (7 Days)

  • Nightsky Mask

  • Sunbright Mask

  • Honker Glasses (Can either be one of the following colors: Red, Green, Indigo, Black)

  • Pristine Relentless Zyrk
  • Pristine Succoring Zyrk
  • Pristine Powerful Zyrk

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event source: http://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/event-colorful-carnival-season