Tera Online: Happy 3rd Birthday TERA!! ...PLUS..

It's TERA's 3rd Birthday!!

And birthdays always mean celebration and GIFTS!!

TERA is giving away 3 lovely items for us!!

Just enter the code below!

QHP Note: Remember the Gift code can be redeemed once per account

You'll get the following items~!
Riding Skill: Fabled Night Mare (30 Days)
Star of Bethlehem (Permanent)
Gold Sequin Glasses (Permanent)

BUT Hurry! The code can only be redeemed until Sunday, 17th May 2015!

PLUS... read on to learn about another special surprise!!!

How to Enter Item Code!

Go to https://account.tera.gameforge.com/ and Login!
click image to enlarge!

Click on “Enter Code“.
click image to enlarge!

Type code on the box, then click SUBMIT, a confirmation message will appear!
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How to Claim Item In-Game!

Login to Tera Online game client.

Click on the Tera Shop icon to access the Item Claim window.
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On the Item Claim window you'll see the following gift boxes.
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Here's the PLUS part of TERA's 3rd Birthday...

Login for a few minutes from 28th April and 12th May 2015 to claim..
1 Free Character Slot
click image to enlarge!

Birthdays are always FUN!!

giveaway info source : Tera Birthday and Tera Space for the Gunner!