Tera Online: Halloween Gourdo! Cannons and Candy 2015!

Halloween Gourdo and his Halloween Army are raiding the Candy Baskets again!!

Help the Witches of Eldritch Academy man the cannons and chase these gatecrashers away!!


QHP Change Note: -Updated: 27-11-2017
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Players can try to deter the Halloween Army 5 times a day from the 29th September up to the 3rd November 2015.

Please read our guide to playing Cannons and Candy at the Harvest Festival Hall! Click HERE or the image below!
Tera Online: Halloween Event! Cannons and Candies!! (click for more info)

Due to the increasing demand for her fashion items, Ellonia changed the layout of her shop from a single tab to a 3 tab shop layout!

but don't worry shop favorites are still up for sale!

Ellonia's got new fashion items up on display at her shop!

♦ Devil Horns of Terror
♦ Care and Use of Your Pet Boo (7 Days)
♦ Smart Box with Bygone Halloween Costume (7 Days, dyeable and not dyeable)

re-activation of the event info source: http://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/to-the-festival-hall-4