Tera Online: Happy 2016 Gift Code!!

Happy New Year 2016 to everyone!

Tera Online's giving away new year Gift Code!

Each gift code contains 4 items: 2 costumes, a skill book and 2 bottles of consumable potion!

Want to know how to get the code?

Open up your mail and find TERA Online's mail from Gameforge!

*whispers* (you didn't know Gameforge occasionally sends you thoughtful letters ;p)

then enter the code from the mail = NewYear2016 =

Hurry the code can only be used till Sunday, 31st January 2016.

QHP Note: the CODE is hidden within this post! hint is here!

How to Enter Item Code!

Go to https://account.tera.gameforge.com/ and Login!

Click on “Enter Code“.

Type code on the box, then click SUBMIT, a confirmation message will appear!

How to Claim Item In-Game!

Login to Tera Online game client.

Click on the Item Claim icon.

On the Item Claim window you'll see the gift box.
The Giftbox contains:
  • Black Fedora (Permanent)
  • Riding Skill: Gassed-Up Sport SX800 (7 Days)
  • Gangster Costume (7 Days)
  • 2 Bravery Potions
soo fashionable~!!!

Happy NewYear2016!

gift code source: Gameforge email!