Tera Online: Lovey-dovey Valentines! -male version-

It's valentines season!!
Heart decos are everywhere and expensive special choco-boxes are on sale again!!

Sadly Tera EU doesn't have any valentines event at the moment. *cries*
TERA EU now has a Valentines login event from February 12-14 *thank goodness!! XDD* Check their site for more info! » "Cupid's Arrow Lands in Arborea"

They also have "Valentine’s day lockscreen images" for Iphone and Samsung Galaxy phones, but-- girl images only?!! where are the hawt boys?? Female gamers also celebrate valentines and we also need eye-candies on our phones!!! *frustrated*

So-- our QHP have decided to create one for all the lovers out there!!
Presenting QHP's smexy male high-elf & male castanic Lovey-dovey Valentines!
Let them refill your stamina with delicious eye-candy hawtness!!

love me~!
| d o w n l o a d |

kiss me~!
| d o w n l o a d |

hug me~!
| d o w n l o a d |

Also we suggest to use this app
Image 2 Wallpaper / 壁紙ぴったん (for android) by shirobakama724
It sets any image on your phone as wallpaper without cropping, so you can see the full glory of these hawt boys!!!

We hope you like it and use it on ur phones (^w^) Happy Valentines!!

Credits to:
R-san & C-san for their smexy poses!
Freepik for their lovely Shiny hearts garlands valentine Vector (^w^)