Tera Online: Happy 5th Birthday TERA!!! Game Code & More!!

TERA's 5thBDay
Celebration time again!! Let's come celebrate TERA's 5th Bithday with events, freebies and GAME CODE!!

TERA's got a whole lot of activities planned for the whole month of MAY!

Celebrations start early though, starting from 28th of April 2017 till 31st of May 2017!

Event details can be found here:

What's a birthday without the blowouts?! So TERA's returning those blue Treasure Chest~! for the T.E.R.A Event! Held from 2nd of May 2017 till 15th of May 2017!

Treasure Chest!
Hunt down those blue Treasure Chests! They can be found in all areas of the world of Arborea! That means all field maps! not dungeons or caves but field maps!

As we've said before in our previous post found here:

**⇒Treasure Chest will spawn randomly all over the map. But these have a set time limit on a particular location. If it is not found within the allotted time, it will disappear and respawn on another part of the map.

Attack those blue Treasure Chests and it would drop an Anniversary Gift box.

Open those boxes to collect the letters T, E, R, A to get the anniversary title "Where's the Cake?"

And a permanent Elin Spyder!

☆*━♫*QHP Note: you can check out the Elin Spyder in game on the Dressing Room.

More info on blue Treasure Chests and how to find them can be found here:

** Anniversary Gift box randomly drops to following items.

Anniversary Gift Box Drops

  • Joyful Star Cloud (Permanent)
  • Cheerful Snow Cloud (Permanent)
  • Raging Thundercloud (Permanent)
  • Playful Rainbow Cloud (Permanent)
  • Velik's Festival Hat
  • Blue Party Hat
  • Green Party Hat
  • Name Day Party Hat
  • Riding Skill: Pink Racing Speedster (7days)
  • Riding Skill: Blue Racing Speedster (7days)
  • Riding Skill: Soft Yellow Racing Speedster (7days)
  • Riding Skill: Mint Green Racing Speedster (7days)
  • 20 Spellbind X
  • 3 Megaphone
  • 25 Fashion Coupon
  • 10 Goldfinger Token
  • 15 Tier 10 Feedstock
  • 5 Glitterball
  • 5 Scintillating Starlight
  • 5 Fireworks (Dragon)
  • 100 [Event] Ruby
  • 8 Veteran Masterwork Alkahest
  • 15 Adapted Noctenium Infusion
  • 1 Veteran Complete Crystalbind
  • Imprintable Sportswear (For all races)


That's not all! We all love gifts! So here's TERA's 5th Birthday Game Code!

Do you want the GAME CODE?

*whispers* have you been friends with Tera Europe on Facebook or Twitter??

You can visit Tera Europe's Twitter and Facebook page to get the codes... Or find the code hidden in plain screenshot on this page!!

How to Enter GAMECODE!

There's been a lot of changes so here's the newest way to enter codes now!

Go to https://en.tera.gameforge.com/ and click login button on the upper right of the page.

You'll see a new menu on the right of the website's cycling news and just below the My Account and logout buttons. Click blue "Go to shop" button.

A popup window of Tera Shop will appear. (Yes, it's the same shop you see in game) Now click the image of 3 horizontal bars just on the right of Top Up TERA Thallers button.
It will open up your user data page. (same as the Tera Shop in game) Click "Redeem Code"

☆*━♫*QHP Note: You can change the character currently set by clicking change and choosing the character you want. You can also input the Game Code in game by clicking the TERA shop icon.

Redeem Code page will appear. Type the Code on the box, click Redeem.

A message will appear indicating that you've redeemed the code and where you'll find the items in game.

Click X Button and logout of the TERA website and login to the game!!

Once in game, login with the character you selected at the website TERA shop.

Check Item Claim to get the items!!

Tera's 5th Birthday Game Code Items!
  • 1 Personal Gamma Instance Reset Scroll
  • 5 Strong Bravery Potion
  • 50 Scintillating Starlight
  • 1 Raccoon Head (Permanent)
  • 1 Smart Box with a Rascally Raccoon (Permanent)
  • 5 Strong Canephora Potion
  • 1 Teddy Bear Rucksack (Permanent)
  • 3 days of TERA Club!
☆*━♫*QHP Note: 3 days Tera Club will start immediately the moment you login. So don't waste your time, login and PLAY!

Happy Birthday TERA!!
have you found the Game Code hidden on this page??

gamecode source: Tera Europe Twitter and Facebook