「Persona 2: Innocent Sin」 remake for PSP!! by ATLUS~♥

Aaahhh~! I've no idea it has a remake for psp and the Japanese version had already been on sale since last April!! (OAO!!) Still I'm very glad!! Also they'll be releasing the US version very soon (this September)!! I'm soo excited!! *///w///*)わい!

Info: Persona 2 Innocent Sin (or "罪" / Tsumi, in Japanese) was first released on PSOne but was not localized for foreign market due to graphic subject matter // unlike it's counterpart, Eternal Punishment,which was localized //. An English translation patch for the PSOne version was released by a translation team led by Gemini (link).
Nevertheless, due to this game's high demand a PSP version has now been released in Japan, and will also be released soon on foreign market.

Storyline: Set in a place in Sumaru City, a fictional metropolis with a population over 1.28 million in modern-day Japan. Once the main story begins, the city becomes cursed; any rumor that reaches enough people will inexplicably come true. The main chara Tatsuya Suou and his mates have near-death experiences which transport them to the realm of Philemon, an astral being who exists outside of the waking world. Philemon grants them the ability to summon a Persona, an alter-ego which manifests as a mythological figure. Hence with the help of their Personas they investigate strange incidents around the city while facing their personal problems along the way.

Genre: RPG | Mode: 1 Player

The PSP version has tons of changes from the Party Menu, Battle Menu, Permanent Minimap, Area Map, Battle Mode, Skill Combination, Monster Contact, Persona Creation, Music remixes, etc. making it fashionably new for psp. The character design has been renewed by Shigenori Soejima as well. Also the game features a new mode called "Theater Mode" that gives a wide variety of side quest in which one can earn valuable items upon completion.

// This gives the new version of Innocent Sin a huge boost in my interest, as to others as well. I'm sure we'll have a wonderfully new gaming experience when this comes out ♥(*//w//*) //

The Japanese version costs 6,279円 for UMD, while 4,980円 for Download. It's already out on sale.
To know more details visit the official Japanese site
ペルソナ2 罪 (PSP).

Also, you can pre-order the US version at the official English site PERSONA 2 Innocent Sin (PSP) which costs 39.99$ (it comes with bonus mini soundtrack)

So what are you waiting for? Check it out now! ^w^)/