Prius Online: Map and Mini map Party Trick!

Ever wanted to tell your party-mates where you found that kick-ass boss without getting all mathematical by telling them coordinates?

Ever wish you could point the exact location on the map?

Did you know that you can ACTUALLY show your party-mates where exactly you want to go on the map??  YES YOU CAN!

First of all you need to be in a party. (It's no fun doin it alone, plus talking to yourself is kinda creepy...)

Second, find the location on the mini-map and click on the spot. You might notice a little blue ripple on the spot you clicked on and a sound will also be heard upon clicking. (to alert party-mates.) The same blue ripples will be seen on the world map in case party-mates can't see the location on the mini-map.

Check the image below for a preview.

Anyone in the party can do this. Ripples will have the name of the clicker on it, to avoid confusion.

Try this with your party-mates! It's easy!