Prius Online: Maps Explained!

Maps are very important. Learning how to use your maps effectively help you get to where you want to go faster and find your quest locations easily.

Press 'M to access map.

WORLD MAP Interface
1. Min/Max- toggles between minimized or maximized world map view

2. Switch between world view and detailed town view

3. Close world map

4. Find Location - shows you a  menu containing Current Location, Town, Wilds, Fortification, Terasil Gate, Key Base & Dungeons. Each section except Current Location contain sub-menus that show locations for each category.

5. Filter- lets you customize what you want to see on the world map.

6. Transparency Slider - slider lets you choose from opaque to transparent map interface.

7. Zoom In/Out Slider - for map magnification.

MINI MAP Interface
8. Min/max buttons - toggles between minimized or maximized

9. Zoom buttons -  for mini map magnification.

10. Filter button - Villages are the green arrows. Beastias are the red dots. NPCs are marked by individual icons for shops if you are near them and are also indicated by a blue arrows except for the skill shop which is indicated by a violet arrow. Quest NPCs are red boxes with an exclamation point. (Note: individual NPCs are not shown on the mini-map.) Red arrow represent the direction of your current quest.

11. Mini map info
Map Name - your current location
Channel - your current channel