Blade & Soul: Golden Vipercap Event!

Blade and Soul has a new event!!

"The Vipercap Gauntlet Event" in which a party of 6 players must run into Frozen Vipercap Cavern as fast as they can and defeat the final Giant Golden Vipercap boss! *the Golden Mushroom!*

But this dungeon shouldn't be taken lightly and should be explored with caution or else your party will only get little reward.


  • Frozen Vipercap Cavern (dungeon) can only be entered from May 11 until June 1 once per day for free (or for unlimited time by purchasing 'Frozen Vipercap Cavern Reset' from Hongmoon Store - using NCoin).

  • Players level 36 and above can enter the dungeon via Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby. Or from the Tamed Golden Vipercap near NPC Anzhi at Jadestone Village. (Take quest from Anzhi!)

  • Rewards (Mushroom Gift Box + Exp + Ordinary Experience Charm (Hongmoon XP))
    will be based on how quick the party clears up the dungeon. Timer starts when the jar is broken (at the entrance of the dungeon) and ends when the boss is defeated (at the end of the dungeon).

  • Cavern Fungus can be traded for nice items in the Dragon Express! but for a limited time only - until June 22.

  • Event Items in the Dragon Express are time-limited can only be purchased and used from May 11 until June 22. Upgrade Nebula Stone can only be used and purchased from May 11 - June 22

How to conquer the Cavern!!!

  1. Enter the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby (F8) and select the Frozen Vipercap Cavern. (or talk to Tamed Golden Vipercap at Jadestone Village.)
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  2. Once the party is ready, head through the portal in the staging area.

  3. When your party is inside the dungeon and ready to go, break the suspicious jar at the starting point.
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  4. Once the jar is broken, the damage zone blocking the dungeon will disappear and the timer will start.

  5. Race through the dungeon, avoiding the grip attack of the Wild Golden Vipercaps along the way.

    QHP Note: You can defeat the Vipercaps by using a poison ball (dropped when defeating Ice Cavern Poisoncap along the way).
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  6. Defeat the Giant Golden Vipercap to stop the timer and collect your Cavern Fungus event currency.
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    QHP Note: Whoever hits the boss first will be the target of the boss's attention till the end of battle = will be constantly grappled. When fighting the Giant Golden Mushroom, players must kill the Ice Cavern Poisoncaps scattered around to get poison ball drops and spam-throw as many as they can at the boss. While doing so, players should continue to attack the Giant Golden Mushroom using their skills because the poison ball's Mushroom Poison is a def debuff only and cannot deal much damage - the Mushroom Poison debuff is infinitely stackable.

  7. The rewards for defeating Giant Golden Vipercap are as follows:

    • Highest Reward: 3 Mushroom Gift Box, 2 Ordinary Experience Charm, and 5000 XP

    • Mid Reward: 2 Mushroom Gift Box, 1 Ordinary Experience Charm, and 3000 XP

    • Lowest Reward: *info to follow*

    QHP note: Don't forget to report back to Anzhi to receive 2 Cavern Fungus and 5000 XP as reward!

Once you have enough mushrooms, you can trade them in the Dragon Express for your rewards!

Where to Find Dragon Express

Press I to open inventory and look for the Dragon Express icon at the bottom of the page.
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Dragon Express Event Items

  • Fated Bond (Costume)
  • Upgrade Nebula Stone (can only be used and purchased from May 11 - June 22)
  • Flower of Lament
  • Excellent Experience Charm
  • Naryu Tablet
  • Bruiser Emblem
  • Delicious Soup
  • Heroic Friendship Charm
  • Invigorating Mamosu Stew
  • Fortune Potion
  • Element Powder
  • Jewel Powder

Happy Mushroom Hunting!