Tera Online: Free Character Slot and Majestic Snowdrift!

Preparations are on the way for the Ninja update on Tuesday, 24th May 2016!

So Tera Online's giving away Free Character slots for everyone to create their own Ninja!!

And to make travel easy Tera Online is also giving away a permanent Majestic Snowdrift mount!!

Just Login from Friday, 20th till Tuesday, 31st May 2016 to avail of these freebies!

How to Claim Item In-Game!

Login to Tera Online game client

Click on the Item Claim icon

On the Item Claim window you'll see 2 gift boxes.

Box for the Additional Character Slot
click image to enlarge

Box for the Riding Skill: Snowdrift
click image to enlarge

How to Use Free Character Slot!

  • Collect the free character slot from the Item Claim by selecting the giftbox and clicking USE.

  • Then right-click on the item to unlock the extra character slot!

QHP Note: A maximum of 16 character slots are available per server.

Happy Pre-patch!

giveaway source: http://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/ninja-update-pre-patch-free-character-slot-3