Tera Online: Miniscule Wing Fragment Event!

Tera Online mounts have discovered the magic of flight!!

Tera Online will be giving away Miniscule Wing Fragments and Flight Rune: Winged Charger for every 4 hours spent online! From Wednesday, 25th, May till Sunday, 29th, May 2016!

These items will help get you started on your collection. Get enough wing fragments and additional materials such as Silken Lion Hair or Pegasus Hoof to transform the Flight Rune into a permanent flying mount!
  • Online for 4 hours: Minuscule Wing Fragment  
  • Online for 8 hours: Flight Rune: Winged Charger      
  • Online for 12 hours: Minuscule Wing Fragment     

Hours accumulate until Sunday, May 29th 23:59 CEST. Logouts do not reset accumulated time.

Play and check your in-game mail!

source: http://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/miniscule-wing-fragment-by-mail