Tera Online: Flying Mount Quest!

Ever dreamt of flying across the skies of Arborea?

Wake up! It's time to make it a reality!

If you are lv65, Login and you automatically get a quest Morick's Research Paper.

QHP Note: It will be on your quest tracker and your quest log!

Head on over to Amadjuak Trading Post in Spring Valley, Val Oriyn and find the baraka, Morick.

Accept quest from Morrick and head on over to Garta's Hut.

Talk to Garta about his "frog" who will then send you over to Jintarot the crystal merchant.

Jintarot will then complain about Garta's pet frog and tell you that it might be under the wagon behind the crystal merchant tent.
Run behind the crystal merchant tent and message will appear along with the view of the frog's location.

Return to Garta and tell him/her? about the frog's location.

Garta will give you Riding Skill: Tulpar to reach the frog's location.  Open your inventory and Use the Riding Skill to learn how to summon Tulpar the brown pegasus!!!

QHP Note: The book Riding Skill: Tulpar can be discarded. But be warned that if you do, the quest cannot be completed. It cannot be retaken since the quest cannot be abandoned.

Learing how to ride Tulpar will give you the achievement "Got Your Wings"

Fly up to the frog's location, talk to it and return to Garta for more advice on how to move the frog.

Garta will then be upset because you frightened his frog and give you Morick's paper.

Return to Morick to give him back his paper, finish the quest and receive additional 80 gold!


Riding Tulpar

Mounting Tulpar will change the skill bar. Two skills will be usable: Dive (will be set at "C") and Dismount (will be st at "F1"). You can drag and drop these skills into slots you prefer.

Each time you ride your flying mount a control info message will pop-up showing you basic controls for your mount.

QHP Note: we found it easier to initiate flight by running forward then jumping twice. or better find a spot you can use as jump-off point.

A flight gauge will also appear on the mid-bottom of the screen. This will tell you how much time is left before you are forced to descend. Holding down/pressing down "SHIFT" will burn out the flight timer really quick.

Flying mounts also have a Maximum altitude limit. A message will appear saying you cannot go higher. The flight gauge will also change to indicate that you have reached maximum altitude.
When in maximum altitude a no-fly zone message will appear. You will not be able to fly.
Move to a lower altitude till the gauge changes to be able to fly again.

Make dreams of flying a reality!


Anonymous said...

Can this pegasus ever vanish? Because I had done the quest, and then my pegasus vanished from my inventory a few months later since I had taken a hiatus from TERA

バラChi said...

Hello! (^w^)

Have you completed this quest & used the Riding Skill: Tulpar? If yes, check the Ride list on your Skills window to see if it is on the list.

Once you have used the item Riding Skill: Tulpar it wont disappear from your Ride list.

I hope this helps you ^ ^)v

Cheza Sengoku said...

Can someone help me. I went to do the quest the frog gig but I accidentally got rid of the mount before I could complete the quest. I tried to abandon it and redo the quest but it doesn't let me abandon it. Anyone know way to fix this. Thanks for your time.

月Mitan said...

Hello! ヾ( ̄∇ ̄=ノ

how did you lose the mount? did you discard the mount? ∑(O_O;)Shock!!

we did a test on it and the riding skill book for tulpar can be discarded. (TДT|||) unfortunately, we do not know how to get another riding skill book or restart the quest since the quest cannot be abandoned. ( TT______TT )

best to contact game support and tell them about your situation since they can probably restart the quest for you. (-_-)